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Security lighting is an essential component of any commercial building or home. Properly illuminated property deters intruders and increases safety for residents, visitors, and employees. At Integrity Heat & Air, our certified electricians can provide your property the most reliable and efficient lighting. We offer a range of services tailored to meet the needs of every customer in OKC.

Our team will evaluate your property’s current setup and determine which fixtures are best suited for maximum efficiency and security. We will install motion-activated floodlights, light fixtures with timer switches, and adjustable spotlights that can be adjusted to illuminate areas of your home or business. Our electricians are also able to retrofit any existing lighting system in order to maximize energy efficiency.

For those looking for a more comprehensive security solution, we offer advanced safety technology such as automated door locks, surveillance cameras, and security alarms. We can also help you implement a fully integrated system that will connect your home’s features into one unified network for easy access.


What You Should Look for in a Security Lighting System

Key Factors From The Minds Of Experts

When selecting a security lighting system, there are certain factors to consider. Durability and weather resistance should be at the top of your list, as these features will ensure that your lighting system is functioning properly in all kinds of weather conditions. It’s also important to look for motion sensors that provide wide coverage and can detect movement from a distance. Additionally, your lighting system should be adjustable and contain several settings that can be changed to fit the needs of your property.

In addition to physical features, consider the intelligence of the lighting system you choose. The best systems will offer intelligent monitoring capabilities so that you can customize alerts and notifications for when movement is detected in certain areas. This can include receiving alerts on your phone when there’s motion or even remotely turning lights on and off from a smartphone app.

Finally, consider the types of bulbs you are using for your lighting system. LED bulbs consume far less energy than traditional light bulbs and last much longer, making them an ideal choice for outdoor lighting systems. They are also available in a variety of colors, which can further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape lighting system. Additionally, many LED bulbs are now dimmable and offer adjustable color temperatures, so you can customize the ambiance of your exterior spaces to meet your preferences. With the right lighting system in place, you’ll be able to control your exterior lighting from the convenience of your smartphone app. This can prove to be an incredibly useful tool for monitoring and adjusting your outdoor lighting system on the go.

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The Benefits of Installing Security Lighting Around Your Home

How Lights Can Help Protect You

Installing security lighting around your home is a great way to deter potential intruders and protect your property. Motion-activated lights can be set up to turn on when they detect motion within their range, providing an extra layer of security by alerting you or neighbors of any suspicious activity. Security lighting also creates visibility in areas that may otherwise remain dark and hidden from view. This additional visibility can help make would-be intruders think twice about entering your home and property. Furthermore, security lighting is an effective tool for monitoring and identifying any potential threats before they become a problem.

Regular maintenance of your outdoor lighting system is essential to ensure that it is functioning properly. With the right technology, you can easily monitor and control your outdoor lights remotely, making it easier to check that they are working properly. Additionally, some security lighting systems come with automated timers, allowing them to turn on and off at designated times of the day or night. These features help save energy by ensuring that your lights are only active when needed.

Key Features and Components of Security Lighting Systems

These Play a Crucial Role in Protecting Your Home or Business

Security lighting systems come with a variety of features and components that make them an effective tool for protecting your home or business. Here are some of the key components and features to look for when choosing a security lighting system:

  • Motion sensors: These detect movement in designated areas, then turn on the lights automatically if motion is detected. This helps provide greater security and peace of mind, as it’s an effective way to deter intruders.
  • Timers: These allow you to set specific times for the lights to be on or off. This can help reduce energy costs by ensuring that the lights are only active when they need to be.
  • Adjustable brightness: Some security lighting systems allow you to adjust the brightness of the lights, allowing you to customize how bright or dim they are depending on the situation.
  • Wireless connectivity: More modern security lighting systems offer wireless connectivity, allowing you to control them remotely from your smartphone or other device. This makes it easier and more convenient to manage your security lighting system.
  • Solar power: Some security lighting systems are powered by solar energy, meaning that you don’t have to worry about running wires through your yard or connecting them to a power source. This can be an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to keep your security lighting system up and running.
  • Durability: Security lighting systems should be designed to stand up to the elements, including rain, snow, and harsh winds. Look for security lighting systems made from durable materials that have a long lifespan.

Common Types of Security Lighting Systems & How They Work

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Many people don’t know that there are different types of security lighting systems. And even if they did, they may not know how each system works. We will give you a brief overview of the three most common types of security lighting systems and how they work. This way, you can make an informed decision about which type of system is right for your home or business.

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Motion Sensor Lights

One of the most common types of security lighting is the passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor light. These lights are activated by movement from people, animals, and other objects, which triggers the light to turn on. PIR motion sensor lights are typically used in residential settings and can be used as a deterrent to burglars and trespassers.

Beam Sensor Lights

Active infrared (AIR) beam sensor lights are similar to PIR motion sensor lights in that they are activated by movement. Unlike PIR lights, AIR beam sensor lights use an infrared beam to detect movement. When the infrared beam is interrupted, it triggers the light to turn on. These sensor lights are typically used in commercial settings, such as warehouses and parking lots.

Photoelectric Cell Sensor Lights

Photoelectric cell sensor lights are activated by changes in light levels. These changes can be caused by natural phenomena, such as the sun rising or setting, or by artificial means, such as when a car drives by, or a door opens. Photoelectric cell sensor lights are typically used in industrial settings, such as factories or power plants.

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What Integrity Heat & Air Brings To Security Lighting

How We Create Systems for Our Clients

At Integrity Heat & Air, we specialize in providing custom security lighting solutions that are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. We offer many lights and components for residential and commercial properties, including motion sensors, LED bulbs, timers, dimmers, and more. Our experienced team can help you design the perfect system to provide maximum protection.

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