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HVAC and Electrical Solutions in Oklahoma City

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Integrity, Heat, Air, & Electric has been an expert in providing top-quality HVAC and electrical services across Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas for many years. We take pride in offering a full range of home services, each finely tuned to keep your home in great condition now and in the future.

We treat your home just like we would our own by minimizing disruptions and cleaning up our workspace after any repairs or installations have been completed. Through professionalism, punctuality, and friendly-service, we strive to provide exceptional HVAC and electrical services to Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

HVAC Services

Protecting Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Integrity, Heat, Air, & Electric is an established name in the air conditioning industry with more than a decade of experience providing quality services to homeowners and business owners in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

We offer regular maintenance checks that detect any potential problems before they can cause significant damage and extend beyond regular wear-and-tear expenses. We understand how important it is to ensure optimal functioning of your system in order to keep energy costs low while achieving maximum efficiency.

With a passionate team of experienced technicians on board, we make sure our workmanship is top-tier and meet all industry standards when it comes to air conditioning repairs and replacements. Our goal is always complete customer satisfaction, not only through our technical know-how but also through our friendly customer service, which makes us stand out from the competition.

Air Conditioning Repair

Integrity, Heat, Air, & Electric offers top-tier air conditioning repair services in OKC. Our certified technicians are skilled at diagnosing and fixing any AC issue swiftly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your comfort. Available 24/7 for emergency repairs, we guarantee reliable and professional service to keep your home cool during the hottest summer months.

Air Conditioning Replacement

When it’s time for a new AC unit, Integrity is your go-to expert in OKC. We specialize in high-quality air conditioning replacement, using the latest technology for efficient installations. Our certified technicians provide precise, reliable service, backed by competitive pricing and a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring your home stays cool and comfortable.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Integrity, Heat, Air, & Electric offers exceptional commercial air conditioning services in OKC. With over a decade of experience, we provide reliable maintenance, installation, and emergency repair for commercial AC systems. Our skilled technicians deliver top-quality service to ensure your business stays cool and comfortable, with competitive pricing and a commitment to excellence.

Heating and Furnace Repair

Integrity, Heat, Air, & Electric provides exceptional heating and furnace repair services in OKC. Our experienced technicians are available 24/7 to diagnose and fix any heating issues promptly. We ensure your heating system operates at peak efficiency, providing warmth and comfort during the coldest months. Trust us for quick, reliable, and professional service.

Heating and Furnace Replacement

For top-quality heating and furnace replacement services in OKC, rely on Integrity, Heat, Air, & Electric. Our skilled technicians bring decades of experience to ensure seamless installations. We prioritize customer satisfaction with competitive pricing and a comprehensive guarantee, ensuring your home remains warm and comfortable with a reliable new heating system.

Commercial Heating

For reliable commercial heating services in OKC, choose Integrity, Heat, Air, & Electric. Our expert technicians provide prompt, efficient solutions tailored to your business needs, from routine maintenance to emergency repairs and system retrofits. We ensure your commercial heating systems run smoothly, minimizing disruptions and maximizing comfort and productivity.

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Electrical Services

Ensuring That Your System Is Wired Correctly

Integrity, Heat, Air, & Electric is the premier electrician in the Oklahoma City area. With over 10 years of experience, we are committed to providing excellent service and the highest quality electrical solutions to our customers. Our team of experts specializes in a range of services ranging from residential to commercial buildings for both new construction and existing buildings. We strive to ensure that all our customers have reliable electrical infrastructure that works safely and efficiently. On top of this, we also offer ongoing maintenance plans, so you can make sure your facility’s electrical system is up-to-date and functioning optimally. So if you’re looking for an experienced electrician in the OKC area, Integrity, Heat, Air, & Electric is your number one choice!

Electrical problems can be a nightmare for homeowners, from outlet trips and power surges to complete electrical failure, but Integrity Heat & Air Electrical Panel Upgrades service offers a solution. Their expert technicians have the skills and experience to quickly diagnose your problem and provide reliable solutions that will have you back up and running in no time. With a variety of services available, from complete panel upgrades to the relocation of outlets and switches, you can be confident that the quality provided by Integrity’s Electrical Panel Upgrades will always leave you satisfied. Don’t overlook any electrical issues; make sure you get the quality care you need with Electrical Panel Upgrades service by Integrity Heat & Air.

Integrity Heat & Air Electrical offers top-notch residential lighting service to their valued customers. Whether you’re looking to update your electrical fixtures or just want to brighten up the room, they guarantee that all their installations meet industry standards and are completed in a timely and professional manner. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, so any questions or concerns will be addressed with confidence. The staff at Integrity Heat & Air Electrical take pride in delivering excellent customer service – from planning out the layout of your lighting scheme to final installation – Integrity has everything you need for a successful project every step of the way.

Integrity Heat & Air Electrical guarantees quality craftsmanship for any electrical needs — from wiring and rewiring services to residential and commercial properties. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing the highest standards of safety and efficiency, ensuring that each job is handled with precision.

With years of experience in the industry, our team of professionals is equipped to tackle a wide variety of projects with confidence. Not only do they work to meet clients’ deadlines, but also strive to offer superior customer service with reliable quotes, friendly advice, and dependable repairs.

Electrical services have taken a leap forward with Integrity Heat & Air providing quality outdoor and landscape lighting and security lighting. With over 20 years of experience, Integrity Heat & Air prides itself in offering the best deals for any type of lighting needed. The company does more than just install lights; they focus on customer service as well. They also provide post-sale support for any issues that one may face after purchasing their products. Their outdoor and landscape lighting services are designed to make properties look brighter, livelier, and safer while improving curb appeal and value at the same time. In addition to top-notch products, they offer knowledgeable consultation on which types of lights will be best tailored to meet the needs of each installation. Ultimately, it is safe to say that no one can go wrong with the electrical services offered by Integrity Heat & Air!

Integrity Heat & Air Electrical provides reliable and efficient generator services to all their clients. Their advanced Electrical technology allows them to enable customers the power of electricity when experiencing outages from storms or natural disasters. Furthermore, their highly trained Electricians take the utmost care to install any generators according to the highest safety regulations, meaning their customers are provided with long-term peace of mind. With years of experience and perfect service, Integrity Heat & Air Electrical is your go-to source for superior electrical services, including generator installation and maintenance.

Integrity Heat & Air offers a critical but often overlooked service: whole home surge protection. An array of sophisticated technology is used to protect the entire electrical system of your house or business, preventing damage from sudden and dramatic jumps in electricity levels. With this protection, Integrity Heat & Air ensures that costly repairs due to an electrical fault can be completely avoided. They use an installation process that is swift, secure, and reliable – meaning you can have full confidence in the quality of their work and also enjoy peace of mind knowing a major disruption of your power supply will never occur again. With experienced technicians available day and night to answer any questions you may have about their whole home surge protection offers, you can rest assured knowing your electricity supply will remain safe.

Integrity Heat & Air is the perfect place to go for your Electrical Inspections and Code Compliance needs. Specializing in residential electrical inspections, as well as commercial and industrial projects, they strive to provide customers with the highest quality services each time. With an experienced staff of inspectors who are up-to-date on all the latest codes and regulations, they can make sure that any electrical system meets safety standards. They also have an array of helpful tools such as diagrams, manuals, and test instruments to assure accuracy. Integrity Heat & Air provides a user-friendly experience by taking the guesswork out of getting your inspection done right the first time.

Integrity Heat & Air specializes in home automation solutions, unlocking a plethora of exciting possibilities for homeowners. From automated lighting to climate control and advanced security options, Integrity Heat & Air can revolutionize the way you use your living space. You can even personalize it with voice command or app capabilities. Make daily tasks easier than ever before, and feel true freedom while in your own home. Unlock convenience, comfort, and peace of mind with the help of professional installation services from Integrity Heat & Air.

Integrity Heat & Air prides themselves on providing high-quality electrical solutions for your commercial barns, shops, and exterior buildings. Their team of experienced professionals have worked with countless businesses to tailor the right solution to their individual needs. From setting up a new build for an industrial storage area to making sure your retail shop front is well lit, Integrity Heat & Air engineers have you covered. With the latest technology available and knowledgeable staff ready at the drop of a hat, you can rest assured knowing your next electrical project is in good hands. Put your trust in Integrity Heat & Air and feel secure knowing you won’t be left in the dark.

At Integrity Heat & Air, we have proudly offered dependable commercial lighting services for many years. From LED strip lights to motion-activated sensors that are eco-friendly, our quality products will improve any workspace. We recognize the importance of correctly lit rooms and believe it is a critical component in making comfortable work areas that yield productive results. Apart from offering superior quality luminaires, our specialized services include energy management, installation maintenance and upgrades too! Their expertise and wealth of knowledge enables them to create outstanding solutions that fulfill customer needs without breaking their budgets. Cost-effectiveness and sustainability are at the forefront of their priorities, as they strive to develop lighting solutions tailored specifically for each client.

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